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Let indigenous culture truely speak. For indigenous cultures who have precious treasures, Koha Technologies have built a process map that forms the cultural architecture which enables indigenous peoples to preserve their digital treasures.

Our team understand the processes needed to engage, store, build and portray indigenous experiences.

For Koha Technologies, we are committed towards supporting indigenous peoples with the digitization and telling of their cultural stories, building the digital asset base allowing indigenous cultures to store, access and convey their cultural stories, providing a platform for the dispersion of cultural digital stories globally and, creating new innovative ways to display and interact with indigenous cultural treasures.


Our Cultural Architecture

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The platform is built around 4 pillars of strength that seeks to establish trust, empower cultural communities with the rights to protect their treasures both real and virtual and, identify opportunities to grow digital capacity and capability and finally, use collaboration to create dialogue with other enterprises.

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The first is to DISCOVER the needs, wants and problems that indigenous cultures face in managing their highly-prized artefacts, or treasures, in a digital space. This is when Koha Technology’s cultural connections build trust, understanding and relationships and, help to enhance their digital capabilities.

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The second is to PRESERVE the artefacts cultural communities have chosen. The all-important relationship empowers them to make their own choices and opens the door to future collaboration. The artefacts can then be captured and digitised.

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The third is to ENHANCE the artefacts by capturing them digitally and adding the cultural stories behind them. This phase involves using software that brings artefacts and their stories to life and forming relationships with people who can enable future collaboration.

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The forth, once the artefact and its story are digitised, Koha Technology can then DEPLOY it. To ensure the artefact is represented in accordance with the communities wishes, the digital experience is verified and validated. Experts are enlisted during this phase to tell the story appropriately.

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In the fifth iteration, control over who can ACCESS the digitised treasures. They are given a set of privileges and rights in preparation for final delivery of the digital artefact and the experience it is now part of.

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